Patrick T. | Pittsburgh, PA

Patrick T. | Pittsburgh, PA

During his third day at football camp, Patrick, a senior in high school, was hit while engaging in a one-on-one blocking exercise. He continued the exercise and brushed off his headache as a normal result of overexertion at camp.

Concussion Symptoms and Assessmentpatrick-t-patient-story

While practicing, Patrick began to feel off-balance and his memory was foggy. His trainer immediately pulled him from camp. The next day, Patrick visited the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program and took the ImPACT® test.

Micky Collins, PhD, and his team developed an individualized rehabilitation plan for Patrick that included vestibular therapy, stimulation, and restricted activity; however, he was encouraged to go on walks.

Concussion Management

Patrick worked on his exercises each day and after his second visit with Dr. Collins and his team, Patrick was able to increase his activity to jogging or riding a bike. Patrick began to notice improvements with increased activity. By his third visit, he was cleared for non-contact practice and conditioning with his football team. He continued to exercise at home to stay focused.

Concussion Recovery

At his fourth and last appointment, Patrick’s gaze stabilization test (GST) and ImPACT results were back to normal. He was cleared to return to the football field.

He summarized how exercise helped him recover by saying, “You don’t have to shut everything down. Improvement comes with activity.”


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